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Find Balance with The Lawn Bowls Addict

I’m an experienced Bowls Coaching Professional - including High Performance -  who can help shape your bowling performance into a successful and productive experience. Whether it’s anything else that’s important to you, I’ll help you develop the habits and skills to effectively deal with the challenges and emotional moments you may encounter in your play.

Name - Howard Sandler

High Performance Coach, Auckland, New Zealand.  

I have been coaching bowls for many years, initially in South Africa, New Zealand for 30 years and currently in Melbourne Australia.


I have coached at a number of International events: Israel 2008 - 2012 (Atlantic Rim and World Bowls), Norfolk Island 2014 - 2016      (Asia Pacific and World Bowls), Samoa         (Pacific Challenge) and The Cook Islands 2022 (Birmingham Commonwealth Games).


I have coached the Israeli, Singapore, Samoa, Cook Island and Norfolk Island Teams.


I have attended 2 World Bowls Tournaments as Coach, once in Adelaide in 2012 and then Christchurch in 2016. I attended the Asia Pacific in Christchurch in 2015, and the Atlantic Rim in Johannesburg, South Africa - 2010. The teams from both these countries performed well at these events under my direction.  Israel achieved 1 Gold,1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal at the Atlantic Rim, and Norfolk Island qualified in all events in Christchurch coming 6th behind Canada, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia.


In May 2016, the United States Women’s Team invited me as a Consultant to work with and prepare them for the North American Challenge.

Birmingham Commonwealth Games was a highlight in  July 2022 after 2 long years of Covid restrictions. The Cook Island Womans Team did very well - Womans Triples Quarter Finalists, Womans Singles Quarter Finalist, Womans Fours Quarter Finalists.

Over many years my record with Youth NZ - Under 18s and Under 25s - has been exemplary - with wins over Australia in the annual Trans Tasman event. Under my direction, the Boys Under 18 won in 2013/2014 - the only time that they have ever won this event!

Auckland Centre Events 2022-2023 - 

Auckland 1-5 years  3 x Junior Players excelled to be chosen as Auckland Reps.

Auckland Secondary School Event  2022- Auckland Girls Grammar under my guidance where winners in the Bowls North Harbour Secondary School Tournament (the 3 girls were newbies of just 2 weeks coaching tuition!)


I am fully accredited with Bowls NZ and hold their Performance Coach and Coach Trainer Certificates - 1 of only 6 such recipient certificates in New Zealand. 

In 2015  I opened my own Coaching Academy and have since Accredited +30 Coaches and plan to continue upgrading those coaches keen enough to do so.

In 2017 I launched my own Players Academy - a 1st in New Zealand! 

Bowls Coaching Professional: About

Experienced Coaching Professional

My Coaching Philosophy.

  • To share my experiences with my fellow coaches and players.

  • To achieve my goals, I will ensure that communication will always be on a two-way basis.

  • Listening and showing respect towards those I coach is paramount.

  • Sincerity and integrity are part of my values and I will endeavour to honour the opinions of all those people that I work with.

Get in touch today to see what I can do for you.

Bowls Coaching Professional: About
Howard s.jpg

Howard Sandler
Bowling Achievements

1977 - Represented South Africa at the Maccabi Games held in Israel

1987 - Four Regional Titles in South Africa for Southern Transvaal

Club National Representative in Fours, Triples, Pairs & Singles 20 times over 20 years


Coaching Achievements

Coach in South Africa            Bowls SA Coaching Certificate

1995                                       Re-Accredited Bowls NZ Coach - Level 1

1995 - 1998                            Coaching - Club Coaches

2000                                       Coaching Level 2 Certificate

2001 - 2003                            Zone - Head Coach

2001 - 2003                            Assistance Coach Auckland 1-5 year players

2003 - Current                        Director of Coaching - Auckland

Mar 2009                                Bowls New Zealand Coach Trainer

Apr 2009 - 2017                     Auckland Bowls High Performance Manager

Apr 2009 - 2012                     National Coach - Israel

Feb 2010                                Coach Trainer Auckland

Mar 2010                                Coach Mentor - New Zealand

Jun 2011                                 Head Coach - Open Women

Aug 2011                                New Zealand Coach of the Year

July 2012                                Auckland Open Women’s Head Coach

Mar 2013                                New Zealand - Under 18 vs Australia

July 2013                                Auckland Head Coach Open Men

Mar 2014                                New Zealand - Under 18 vs Australia

Apr 2014                                 Bowls NZ - Advance Coach Accreditation

                                                              (only 4 in NZ)

May 2014                                Appointed National Coach for Norfolk Island

Jun 2015                                 Auckland Bowls Coach of the Year

May 2016                                U.S.A - Coaching Consultant

Jan 2017                                 All African States Event - Susan Kariuki (Kenya) 

                                                Personal Coach 

Apr 2018                                 Ruth Gilor - Semifinalist in The Scottish Open

Oct 2018                                 South East Asia Games - Coach for Singapore Team

July 2019                                South Pacific Games - Coach for Samoan Team

2020                                       Remote coach Jamaica leading up to Comm Games

March 2020 - April 2022        Covid Restriction and lockdowns

July -August 2022                  Cook Islands Coach at Birmingham Comm Games

Need help to achieve your bowling goals in life? I use an array of communication skills to provide coaching services that give you the tools for success. In addition to 1-on-1 consultations and group sessions, I regularly host workshops and seminars for people who are interested in developing their own coaching techniques.

Bowls Coaching Professional: About
NH Secondary School Challenge Nov 2022.jpg

Auckland Girls Grammar Team  - Winners North Shore Challenge November 2022

NH Secondary School Challenge Nov 2022 v 2_edited.jpg
Bowls Coaching Professional: Quote
Comm Games Mascot photo.jpg

Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022

Neil Berkeet SA Coach.jpg

LHS - Howard Sandler ( Lead Coach) with Jason Lindsay ( Manager/Player)

RHS-  Howard Sandler Cook Islands Coach with Neil Burkett South African Coach

Howard & Bill Cornehls -
Friend, Coach & Mentor.
Past Australian Representative & Australian High Performance Coach.

Howard and .....#SmSz.jpg
Bowls Coaching Professional: Quote

Don Niven - Friend and Assistant Coach for Youth.

Was Coaching Coordinator for Bowls North Harbour 

- 2013-2016.

Coached bowls at St

Peter's College 2008-2010.

Head Coach at Rawhiti Bowling Club.

Coached at Milford & Brown's Bay Bowling Club.

Coached the North Harbour Women's Rep Team in 2013.

Don Niven.jpg
Bowls Coaching Professional: Quote
Looking Out to the Lake

Vince Lombardi Quotes


Winning isn’t everything, but it’s the only thing. In our team, there is no second place. Either you’re first, or you’re last.

Second place is meaningless. You can’t always be first, but you have to believe that you should have been – that you were never beaten – that time just ran out on you.

You never win a game unless you beat the opponent next to you. The score on the board doesn’t mean a thing. That’s for the supporters. You have got to win the war with the opponent standing next to you. You’ve got to get your opponent.


"My coaching  is based on Lombardi's Coaching Philosophy."

Bowls Coaching Professional: About

Positive Coaching Quotes

Successful people do what Unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

Mental toughness is sticking to something that is really important rather than telling yourself that it is too difficult.

Most people that are truly successful enjoy what they are doing.

       -  They see a challenge as

          an opportunity rather than

          a threat.

       -  They have confidence that they

          will survive even if they fail.

Bowls Coaching Professional: About


 is choosing your thoughts

  and actions based on values

  rather than on personal gain

Bowls Coaching Professional: About




Freelance Coach/Contractor

Jan 2018 - Current

Lawn Bowls Coaching Academy (Private and Schools)

Auckland Bowling Club

May 2016 - Dec 2017

Office Manager, High Performance Director and Youth  Academy Director.

Club Planning.

Events Management.

Club Coach.

Youth Coach.

High Performance Management.

Bowls Development.Bowls Mentor.


Bowls Auckland Inc

June 2005 - May 2016 

Early in 2005 the position of Coaching, Collegiate and High Performance Manager became available.

I successfully applied for the post, seizing the opportunity to encompass my passion for the game of bowls with my organisational skills.

My years of experience as a player and coach were perfect for the joint positions being offered.

I have been able to share my enthusiasm for the game with the youth from as young as 12yrs old.

I have organised local and national tournaments and increased the number of schools involved with youth players in the Auckland Region from 10 to 32 schools and the number of players from 500 to approx 2000.

April 2008 

Promoted to High Performance Manager on top of the Collegiate and Coaching role.

Coach Trainer and Mentor for 25 Coaches.

Regional Coaching - Auckland vs Queensland 2010 - 2016  

This event has been a great success over the years, allowing young players to gain experience on different surfaces.

Players from Auckland and other centres in New Zealand have been involved with Queensland (Under 25s & 18s) and the results have been fantastic as many of the players have achieved New Zealand Team status.

National Coach

Under 18 Coach - New Zealand.

I attended as the male coach for this group for two years running and was the only coach whose team defeated the Australian Team in the Trans Tasman event.

International Coaching

2008 - Present  

I have had the honour of working with various International nation states over the years and I have attended numerous events e.g. - Atlantic Rim (2x), Asia/Pacific and World Bowls for Israel, working with Norfolk Island in that capacity when I attended the Asia Pacific in Christchurch (2015).

This includes many test series involving Scotland, Hong Kong and China. 

I was appointed as Manager/Assistant Coach for the Trans Tasman in April 2016 for the Blind and Disabled NZ Team.

I spent three weeks in Samoa and was appointed coach for the Samoan Team in May - July 2019. I was their Coach during the Pacific Challenge where we achieved exceptional results - Mens Pairs Gold Medal, Mens Singles Silver Medal and Womans Pairs Bronze Medal. 

As Cook Islands Lead Coach, we went to the Birmingham Commonwealth Games in July 2022 where the Women achieved Quater Finalists positions in 3 disciplines- Singles, Pair and Triples! 

Coaching Consultant


Appointed Coaching Consultant for Bowls United States of America



Bowls Coaching Professional: Features


- 15th May 2016

Given that this was the first opportunity that Team USA women, selectors and Coach Howard met, and also given the time constraints involved (one long weekend), the training camp was most successful.

This success is attributable to Howard’s keen sense of how to blend simple learning with fun; to his very positive, sincere, yet firm attitude; and to his employment of a team-driven approach to coaching.  In addition, the Camp succeeded, owing to Brenda’s many hours of planning and communicating with Howard, the Selectors, the Team members and the venues (club and restaurant) as well as the other Selectors’ presence and support throughout.

In the discussion sessions, Howard used a team-driven approach to assess the needs and goals of his audience.  While he furnished a large amount of written material (which we are to review on our own time), his main didactic focus was on interactive activities in which the Team expressed their strengths, weaknesses, goals, and needs.  Howard then adapted these responses to several activities on the green. 

Among the Team Needs that Howard immediately recognized as important were:  the need for effective communication between players, the need to build cohesiveness and unity between team members  (the “I” in Team concept), a success-oriented way of thinking, and the need for enjoyment (joy) when developing/practicing specific skills (e.g. drills) and competing.

Although I was only able to participate from an armchair, I felt I gained almost as much from the camp as if I had been on the green.  In fact, I was truly able to observe more of the Team as a whole from this vantage point.  

The activity that impressed me the most - because it best incorporates all of Howard’s concepts that I mention above – was the “drawing to a short mat set at the diagonal corner of the green” drill. 

In my opinion this activity encouraged the bowlers to work/bond as a group to reach the desired goal, it taught team-strategy (as in having the best draw bowler lead the way), it taught drawing skills on a fast green and to unconventional mat location, it taught how to draw to your own team’s bowls to build a head and ultimately win, and it was ENJOYABLE.  

Sitting in the chair with my eyes closed, I firmly believe my healing process was advanced as I listened to the melodious, happy voices of my teammates and Howard's, ring out across the green.

The only downside to the Camp was that is was too short and the meals took more time than expected.  It is hoped that Howard will be available to us by email to help and support us.

Thank you Howard and Brenda.


Kim Heiser


I thought camp was extremely valuable and productive.

  •  The fact that camp wasn’t just focused on drills.

  • The fact that Howard put us through some exercises that were not only enjoyable, but were atypical and not something that I would have done on my own.

  • Also the exercises were group oriented.

  • The group had to work together to accomplish a goal and yet still competitive.

  • The overall focus of the camp was about coming together as a team—a cohesive team.

  • The selectors also had the team focus.

  • I am impressed with the direction the selectors are going.

Bowls Coaching Professional: About
Bowls NZ CoachTrainingCerts.jpg

Certification - Coach Trainer

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services
Bowls NZ PerformanceCoachTrainingCert.jpg

Certification - Performance Coach

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services












AKLDBowls-Coach of the year 2015.jpg
Bowls Coaching Professional: About












BowlsNZ-Coach of the year 2011#3.jpg
Bowls Coaching Professional: About

Coach Jacky Wong of Hong Kong China & Howard

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services
Howard & Gerald ( Coach & Manager 2012 World Bowls).JPG

Howard & Gerald (Coach & Manager - World Bowls 2012)

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services

Israeli Team 2010

Whole Israel Team 2010SmSz.jpg
Bowls Coaching Professional: Quote

Ruth Gilor - My Best Player:-

Israel Ladies Singles Gold Medal at Atlantic Rim 2010

Semi-finalist in the Scottish Open 2018
Ladies Singles Gold Medal Winner at Cardiff - Wales ​2019

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services

Youth Lawn Bowls

Bowls Coaching Professional: Contact
Dilworth Senior Campus-2018 Lawn Bowls.j

Dilworth Senior Campus Lawn Bowls-Team 2018

Back Row: Mr K Weightman(Manager). Etuate Lutui, Kanaipono Schwalger, Mr H Sandler(Coach)

Front Row: Luka Reviol, Thomas Burke, Simon Heath, Jack Morgan, Daniel McElwee

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services

Thanks from Dilworth School

Dilworth Thanks.jpg
Bowls Coaching Professional: About
image1 (2).jpeg

Brian Feng (Kings Boys School) & Aiden Takarua (New Zealand Development Representative) taking time out with our future stars.

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services

Maisie & Neve (Diocesan School for Girls) with Don Niven

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services

Maisie, Neve and Aiden.

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services

Coach Don, Neve, Maisie & Coach Howard

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services
image2 (2).jpeg

Neve, Maisie, Aiden & Coach Howard

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services
Queensland-Accross The Dich Challenge.jpg

Queenland-Across The Ditch Challenge

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services

Across The Ditch - Under 25 Winners 2014

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services

Across The Ditch - Under 18 - 2014

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services
Musgrave Hill Bowls Club_.jpg

Musgrave Hill Bowls Club

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services
Musgrave Hill B-Club2_.jpg

Musgrave Hill Bowls Club

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services
Chinese Team.JPG

Team China at Asia Pacific 2015 - Christchurch

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services
Norfolk Team.jpg

Christine Jones & Carmen Anderson - in Norfolk Island

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services
USA Camp 2.jpg

Howard addressing USA Team in the States

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services
Kenyan International players - Charles & Susan.jpg

Susan Kariuki  & husband Charles - Kenyan International players.

I coached Susan - Current Silver Medalist Triples - at All Africa Games 2017

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services

South East Asia Games - 2018

Participant Countries in 2018 were:

Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, China, Philippines & Macao

I coached the Singapore Team and I am proud to announce that their achievements were:

2018 Results:

Ladies Singles - Gold 

Men's Fours     - Silver

Men's Triples   - Bronze

Ladies Triples  - Bronze 

2017 Results:

Men's Fours     - Silver

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services

Pacific Games 2019 - Samoa

Participant Countries in games 2019 were:-

Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Island, Norfolk Island, Tokelau & Niue

I coached the Samoan Team and I am again proud to announce that their achievements were:

Men's Pairs - Gold Medal

Men's Singles - Silver Medal

Women's Triples - Silver Medal

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services

Skills & Drills - 1
By kind permission of Janice Paap

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services

Skills & Drills - 2
By kind permission of Janice Paap

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services

Skills & Drills - 3
By kind permission of Janice Paap

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services

Skills & Drills - 4
By kind permission of Bill Cornhels

Bowls Coaching Professional: Services



8th April 2015

Hello and Good Day. My name is Boaz Markus and I an International Lawn Bowler for the State of Israel.

By sheer chance it came to my attention that Howard Sandler has been nominated for the Coach of the year for Auckland.

The only thing I could say is : You could not nominate anybody more worthy of this Title and Honor!!

My long and consistent acquaintance and knowledge of Howard Sandler has allowed me to leap ahead beyond my regular achievements and abilities that lead me to win a Bronze Medal in the Atlantic Rim in South Africa (Pre World Bowls Tournament).

This medal would never ever been won unless Howard Sandler wouldn't have been there to build, support, create the Right Frame of Mind, analyze the opponent and myself and pass on only positive vibes and winning spirit that made me feel that I could beat anyone. Howard always send 10% messages of trust in his players because he has 100% trust in things that he does and the way he does them.

He is a true friend on and off the green and my medal has has Howard Sandler written all over it, even though I was the one who received it - Without him I would never have got it!

Howard can answer to all criteria's needed to provide for any competitive player on and off the green in order to lead them to success in any of his/her chosen quests. He knows how to push their abilities to the limit, yet at the same time to give them their needed space and time to regroup and to prepare themselves for their next mission.


If you decide to choose Howard Sandler, You van rest assure that You made the choice and combination that contain: Caring, Competitiveness, Loyalty, Motivation, Charisma, Presence, Vision, Leadership, Calmness which are all wrapped up with plenty of Wisdom!!!

Thank you for your time and attention.

Yours Sincerely, 

Boaz Markus



Thank you Howard for having

faith in me and inviting me to

Qeensland as assistant Coach.

You are an inspiration to me.

I'm grateful for all your advice

and guidance. I have learnt a 

lot from this trip, which has 

gave me more confidence.

I truly enjoyed the experience

also the kids were a pleasure 

to be with.


Once again Howard

Thank you so much

Pam xxx


Leigh Cutler
Auckland Bowls High Performance Manager
9 Glass Road
Mt Roskill

30 October 2014


I have known Howard professionally and personally for a number of years. He has my full support and recommendation in receiving the Coaching Award.

Howard is an extremely passionate and dedicated Lawn Bowls Coach, having great enthusiasm to ensure the sport grows at junior/collegiate level within secondary schools, whilst also maintaining national and international coaching roles - having coached many of New Zealand's to young players.

Hi contribution to the sport at many levels throughout New Zealand is immense. In 2011 he received the Bowls NZ Coach of the Year award and is a regular contributor at coach development workshops.

Howard volunteers a lot of his time to bowls (especially youth) - he would be a deserved recipient of this Award.

Yours faithfully

Auckland Bowls
High Performance Manager


14th April 2015

Hi Howard

Just to let you know much I appreciate what you have done for my confidence, and my understanding of bowls.

I reluctantly went to my first coaching workshop to be able to help and support our club members, but I found with the way you communicated your knowledge of bowls and coaching, I just wanted to learn more, so I applied for the Development 
Academy and I aim, with your continuing support to become a very successful coach.

I really hope you are voted Coach of the Year with the Academy, the school project, and your plans for the future of Auckland coaching you truly deserve to be.

Many thanks for you help and encouragment.

Best wishes

Ellen (Dean)



From: Ruth Gilor

To: Sandler Family

Sent: 27/12/2014

Subject: Wishing a Happy New Year

Howard Dear
My best coach

Wishing you and your family a great year
From the bottom of my heart
Miss you .. and to good bowls
(Still not really playing)

Ruth Gilor



Howard has done a lot for bowls on a whole, not just for Auckland, but for the future of New Zealand bowls. There are a lot of players in Auckland and New Zealand that would not be where they are today if he did not give them the experience to get them there.

Howard has organised tours over to Queensland each year for Across the Ditch Challenge. These players start in the under 18s then move onto the under 25s with most of the players who compete in this event now have the heights of Auckland Rep players, and having matured and gained valuable experience. Playing against the  Australia side with Howard's hard work has taken them to the next level.

He coaches just about every weekend all year round and is prepared to help both players and coaches to improve and grow in all areas. He goes out of his way and gives 120% not just to the experienced payer players but also to the new ones as well.

This year for the first time he has started working with schools at intermediate levels on working programmes, coaches, venues, to make this work, and at the same time making it enjoyable so they are keen to come back for more. This is great for Auckland bowls and these kids are our future for the sport.

Howard is always improving himself with courses, books, internet, and keen to learn more to help others. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and relates well with players and coaches that he works with.

I have seen players gain confidence under his guidance. His attitude towards his work is faultless at all levels with players from High Performance players to young ones.

Howard is one of the first in New Zealand to achieve the High Performance coach certificate for bowls. This is only given after long hours and a lot of hard work to reach this goal. Not only practical but also assessments throughout the year. A huge honour to receive this.

I do not hesitate to recommend him for this award as he puts in all the hard work with both his job and his volunteer work. It would be nice for him to be acknowledged for something that he loves. If you need any information regarding Howard, please just get in touch with me.

Janice Paap

High Performance Coach

Ph 0211810927

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